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Guide for Athletes Representatives

If you are currently elected as an athlete representative or are running for election in the future by your peers, you play a vital role in making our Namibian athletes' voices heard.

This role comes with responsibilities and these will be discussed in this document.

The Athletes Commission's mission is to represent athletes' views, rights, and interests by making their voices heard within their National Federations and the Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC).

We need you to carry out our mission and execute our objectives, and we look forward to collaborating to better understand your athletes' difficulties and needs.

This document will assist and guide existing and future athlete representatives in developing an environment to promote the growth of an effective athlete voice within their federations.

The aim of this document is to summarize the role and responsibilities of an athlete representative while highlighting the importance of their role within their national federation.

The Namibia Athletes Commission is seeking to establish a direct communication channel with you, the National Federation athletes' representatives, in order to better understand your athletes' difficulties and requirements.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your role and responsibilities, and we are eager to learn from your experiences.

Click on the below link to be redirected to the Guide: 
Namibian National Federation Athletes Representative Guide


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