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Namibia Athletes Commission


The mission of the Namibia Athletes Commission is to represent the view, rights and interests of athletes and make their voice heard within the NNOC-CGA. To this end the Namibia Athletes Commission maintains the views of athletes at the forefront of its actions; serves as a consultative body considering questions related to athletes; provides advice and makes recommendations to the NNOC-CGA and is the link between athletes and the NNOC-CGA.


The Namibia Athletes Commission's vision shall be to empower, educate, inspire and assist athletes to achieve their highest potential in sport and in life.


The Namibia Athletes Commission shall aspire to establish the values of excellence, integrity, respect, friendship, unity, diplomacy, sharing and inspiration among athletes, within sport in Namibia and within the formal structures of its representatives, organization's and controlling bodies.


To consider issues related to athletes and to provide advice to the NNOC-CGA; to engage actively with initiatives and projects that protect and support clean athletes on and off the field of play;  to represent the rights and interests of athletes and to make related recommendations to the NNOC-CGA,  to work with the executive board of the NNOC-CGA to adopt the Athletes Rights and Responsibilities Declaration, and incorporate it into the NNOC-CGA's policies and procedures and to provide strong and effective leadership taking initiative in resolving issues adversely affecting athletes.


To be knowledgeable about athletes and familiar with their needs; have presence at all major sporting and sport related events in Namibia; establish and maintain an athletes database containing relevant information and statistics of athletes and preserving the legacy of athletes; to achieve representation by athletes on the executive committees of all National Sports Bodies and National Umbrella Bodies stipulated in the Namibian Sports Act of 2003. 

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Maike Diekmann


27 years old

SPORT: Rowing

GOALS/ASPIRATIONS: To give back to my sport and country, leaving behind a legacy in Namibian rowing and Namibian sport. I want to share my knowledge and provide our future athletes with the opportunity to feel supported in their endowers.

MY GREATEST RESULTS: Qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

FAVORITE MOMENT IN SPORT HISTORY: Yelena Isinbayeva's Olympic Record in Pole Vault, 5.05m at Beijing 2008

FUN FACT: I love seeing wild flowers on road trips, and have to stop at each to take photos.

ElmoneĢ€ Rhode

23 years old

SPORT: Powerlifting & Weightlifting

GOALS/ASPIRATIONS: To get stronger and compete internationally more often.

MY GREATEST RESULTS: In 2019 I competed at the African championships in South Africa, I placed 2nd in both my weight class and overall for all female categories.

FAVORITE MOMENT IN SPORT HISTORY: Placing 2nd in both my weight class and overall for all female categories at the African championships, after having food poisoning and a caffeine overdose.

FUN FACT: I got my black belt in Kickboxing at the age of 19 years old. Besides powerlifting and weightlifting, I also partake in local Strongman competitions.

Romio Goliath

( Vice-Chairperson)

22 years old

SPORT: Wrestling

GOALS/ASPIRATIONS: Qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games

MY GREATEST RESULTS: Silver Medal in African Continental championship

FAVORITE MOMENT IN SPORT HISTORY: When Christiano Ronaldo won the footballer of after 4 years of Messi's dominance

FUN FACT: I can't go a day without feeling the burn of coke through my throat

Guide for Athletes Representatives

To learn more about the role and responsibilities of a namibian national federation athlete representative

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