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Athletes Support Personnel's rights and responsibilities

Athlete support personnel and other persons also have rights and responsibilities under the Code. 

Athlete Support Personnel Rights

•     Right to a fair hearing, before an independent hearing panel

•     Right to appeal the hearing decision

•     Rights regarding data protection, according to the ISPPPI and any local applicable law 


Athlete Support Personnel Responsibilities

•     Using their influence on athlete values and behaviors to foster clean sport behaviors

•     Knowing and complying with all applicable anti-doping policies and rules, including the NNOC’s Anti-Doping Rules 

•     Cooperating with the athlete doping control program

•     Cooperating with ADOs investigating Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs)

•     Informing the IF and/or NNOC if they have committed an ADRV in the last 10 years

•     Refraining from possessing a prohibited substance (or a prohibited method) *, administering any such substance or method to an athlete, trafficking, covering up an anti-             doping rule violation (ADRV) or other forms of complicity and associating with a person convicted of doping (prohibited association). 

* Unless the athlete support personnel can establish that the possession is consistent with a TUE granted to an athlete or other acceptable justification.Acceptable justification would include, for example, a team doctor carrying prohibited substances for dealing with acute and emergency situations.

Here are some ways athlete support personnel can support their athletes in their education on clean sport:

•     Share the Athlete’s Anti-Doping Rights Act with your athletes 

•     Register and take a course suitable to you on the WADA’s ADEL platform 

•     Follow the NNOC pages on Facebook and Instagram where the main updates about anti-doping will be published 

•     Contact [email protected] for any questions you may have


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