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Olympic Studies Master Degree Scholarship

Olympic Studies Master Degree Scholarship
Olympic Studies Master Degree Scholarship

21 Feb 2024

The Master’s degree Programme, "Olympic Studies, Olympic Education, Organization and Management of Olympic Events" (MSc), focuses on promoting knowledge and research in Olympic philosophy, Olympic Pedagogy, organization and management of Olympic Games, Mega events, and broader Olympic and sport studies. The program aims to provide postgraduate-level specialized knowledge to students for academic, professional, or research careers in Olympic Studies. It also aims to produce a specialized workforce capable of organizing and directing Olympic and athletic institutions, promoting international Olympic education programs, and contributing to the scientific foundation of sports growth and organization.

Programme Objective's:

-Provide advanced postgraduate training for Olympic Studies careers

-Enhance expertise in Olympic philosophy, pedagogy, and event management

-Promote global expansion of Olympic education programs

-Develop skills to lead and organise Olympic and athletic institutions

-Contribute to the scientific foundation of sports development

Send your CV or portfolio to [email protected] by latest 31 March 2024 to apply through the Namibia National Olympic Committee for a IOC scholarship offered by Olympic Solidarity for the tuition fees cost. 


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