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Namibias certified Level 3 Cycling Coaches

Namibias certified Level 3 Cycling Coaches
Namibias certified Level 3 Cycling Coaches

15 Feb 2024

The Namibia Cycling Federation boasts with 2 qualified Union Cycliste Internationale level 3 coaches!


“The Coach Development Programme (CDP) is designed to provide coaches with the opportunity to study and practice all aspects of coaching the cycling disciplines under the expert guidance of the UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) team.


The Programme is designed to increase levels of knowledge and expertise in all areas of cycle coaching and candidates will be exposed to more than one cycling discipline”.


Qualification Levels start with the UCI CDP Level 1 online coaching course ,the first step in the UCI WCC coaching pathway.

The UCI CDP Level 2  is aimed at new coaches who passed level 1 online, those working with younger riders or developing athletes.

The UCI CDP Level 3 (Diploma) is aimed at experienced coaches who will be working either with their National Team or with National level riders.  

The two Namibian coaches Hans du Toit and Jafet Amukushu completed UCI CDP Level 3 and are currently the highest qualified Cycling Coaches in the country.  Both candidates completed Levels 2 and 3 on Olympic Solidarity funding through the Namibia National Olympic Committee. 

The Namibia Olympic Family congratulates Hans du Toit and Jafet Ambush on completing their UCI level 3 certificate. 

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