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Namibia Athletes Commission Report 2022

Namibia Athletes Commission Report 2022
Namibia Athletes Commission Report 2022

30 Nov 2022

During 2022 the Namibia Athletes Commission was actively involved within the NNOC-CGA and was consulted on all decisions directly affecting athletes.

Commonwealth Games Workshop

Prior to the Commonwealth Games 2022, a workshop was hosted for Namibian athletes, coaches and team managers who competed in Birmingham. The event took place at Arebusch Travel Lodge in Windhoek on 9 June. The objective of the workshop was to introduce the team to the village accommodation, competition venues and the NNOC-CGA code of conduct as well as provide opportunity for athletes to connect with one another prior to departing to Birmingham. This platform gave the team a chance to build team spirit and ask any questions relating to the games. The Chef de Mission, Marja Wortmann gave a comprehensive talk regarding everything that athletes and coaches needed to know about the Games. It also gave team managers the opportunity to receive feedback to allow them to plan accordingly and support their athletes to the fullest. 

The athletes were introduced to their team physiotherapists and allow for in-person discussions which helped the medical team to understand each athletes unique needs regarding recovery techniques, injury prevention and support them accordingly. Ruan Mocke and Brigitta Augustyn presented a very informative talk about their expertise. 

The workshop was supported by the Anti-Doping education officer Stay-C Sandlana as well as the Anti-Doping liaison officer and RADO board member Vickey Katukula. Both ladies delivered a interactive talk on the important WADA regulations and testing procedure. This allowed for open and easy-going discussions regarding anti-doping specifically for the younger less experienced athletes. All athletes had to complete the WADA e-learning course which was specifically designed for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, after which each athlete received an electronic certificate of completion. 

I also gave a short talk on personal branding at the Games, and how I was able as an Olympian to use social media to grow my brand and attract sponsorships as well as become a role model to the younger generation. The athletes were encouraged to see themselves as ambassadors of their sport by teaching them the importance of media presence, and how to brand themselves optimally as an athlete.

The workshop was also graced by the three-time Olympian, Commonwealth Games medalist, and current Vice president of the NNOC, Gaby Ahrens. Gaby gave an inspiring speech that showed her emotions and personal connection to representing Namibia at the Commonwealth Games. This was the perfect ending to wish the athletes good luck for the Games and concluded a successful athletes workshop that received a lot of positive feedback from athletes and coaches.

The workshop was also attended by the Namibian National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), which used the opportunity to interview most athletes during the breaks and wished them good luck for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Post Games Survey

Following the Commonwealth Games 2022, we took the initiative and prepared a games experience survey that was shared on all social media platforms and send out to each athlete. This survey provides valuable insight into the athletes perspective regarding the Namibian team preparation, management, and administration pre and during the CWG. It also allowed us to understand in which areas needed support, and we were able to take the survey results and suggestions to the NNOC executive board to be considered for future games.

Social Media Presence

We have updated our logo for clearer branding purposes and started a Facebook and Instagram social media page, which was very active during the Commonwealth Games. We followed all athletes performances and engaged with their supporters online to showcase their talents and hard work that was paying off. The Social media platforms have also allowed us to connect more effectively with athletes from all different sports around the country, and share important news, links, and educational material while making sure we provide an approachable channel for athletes to reach us.

Serving as the chairperson of the Namibia Athletes Commission in 2022, I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding sport management and have been able to give back to Namibian sport by providing Namibian athletes with a platform to voice their opinions and concerns. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest appreciation to my Athletes Commission members for assisting me this year and helping me organize and host the workshop. I also appreciate the support of the NNOC executive committee and NNOC office for always considering the views of athletes and taking these into consideration.

Thank you for your support during 2022 and the support you give to the Namibian athletes, we look forward to 2023 and working closely together to give our athletes the best opportunities during their sports careers.

The activities of the athletes commission were financially supported by Olympic Solidarity.

Yours in sport,

Maike Diekmann

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