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Global Sport Management Graduation Program

Global Sport Management Graduation Program
Global Sport Management Graduation Program

21 Feb 2024

The Dream Together Scholarship Masters Programme at Seoul National University focuses on Global Sports Management, catering to individuals with a sports background. The program covers 30 topics, providing a comprehensive understanding of sports management principles, international sports relations, and event planning. Aimed at sports administrators, journalists, and volunteers, the curriculum prepares students for leadership roles in the global sports industry, emphasizing skills in sports administration and policy development. The program ultimately equips students to contribute meaningfully to the field of global sports management.

Scholarship Benefits:

-100% fully funded

-Skills development

-Recognition and Prestige

-Enhanced Job Opportunities

Program Benefits

-Promote global sport development

-World-class education

-Produce future leaders in sport management field

Email CV to apply and receive more information at [email protected] 




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